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Who loves Cuisenaire rods?


We love Cuisenaire Rods especially from the Real Cuisenaire Company!

Who loves Cuisenaire rods? 

We are huge fans of Cuisenaire rods and are delighted to be teaming up with The Real Cuisenaire Company!

The  original Cuisenaire® Company  was founded in 1954 by Caleb Gattegno.

They sell top quality Cuisenaire®rods as designed by Georges Cuisenaire, the inventor of the rods.

Cuisenaire® rods have proven time and time again that when the rods are used and the teaching is learner-centred, it leads to truly remarkable results.

Cuisenaire® rods are an appealing material that not only make use of the learners natural inclination to play but also demonstrate the mathematical relationships on which mathematics is based.

The Cuisenaire® Company sell two set of Cuisenaire®rods.

The International Set

and the Mini Set

The Mini set is perfect for one child only, where as the International Set can be used by one child, or in pairs or a small group.

The Mini set can fit into a hand bag or school bag, but the International Set is bigger and a bit less portable.

For parents just starting out with Cuisenaire® Rods we have the Starter Pack B  which contains the book,  ‘Now Johnny can do Arithmetic.’ This is full of ideas and suggestions of things to do with the children, and although written in 1963, the activities suggested remain timeless.

For teachers and schools they have a school starter pack –

Our tips on getting the best out of your Cuisenaire®rods:-

  • Refer to the rods by their colour in the beginning.
  • Let the learner play with them, encourage them to make pictures or patterns in any way they like, using their imagination, without doing it for them. Let them discover things about the rods themselves, like for example that all rods of the same colour are the same length, and rods of different length are different colours.
  • Making staircases with the rods – if they have not done this by themselves you can suggest they place them next to each other so they look like a stair case. This can lead on to many discoveries about number bonds.

You can buy rods here –https://shop.cuisenaire.co.uk/

Look out for some giveaways coming soon and a special DISCOUNT coming up soon!


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