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A profile of one of the Dyscalculia Network teachers and assessors - Stephanie Madden

Stephanie Madden

I am a specialist numeracy practitioner with 15 years of experience working with students with maths difficulties, maths anxiety, and dyscalculia. I support students from my private practice in Stratford upon Avon, offering tutoring and assessments and offering support for students in schools. I have a PGCE and PG Diploma in maths difficulties and dyscalculia and am one of a handful of specialist tutors in the UK who can diagnose dyscalculia.

Qualification: PG Diploma Dyscalculia AMBDA

Assessment at Tutors home / place of business, Tuition at tutors home / place of business, Online tuition

Preferred Age Range: 7 to 16 years

Testimonial from a client: “I cannot thank Steph enough for the support she has given our daughter. Firstly assessing her needs with such accuracy and then finding fun and engaging ways to fill in the gaps. She has removed the fear from maths and we have seen a step change in our daughters confidence.”

Contact: [email protected] or 07967 833721

Based: Stratford-on-Avon, Warwickshire, West Midlands, England

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