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‘Tutor Tuesday’ – Marijke Walters


A profile of one of the Dyscalculia Network teachers - Marijke Walters

Marijke Walters

Marijke is a wonderful dyscalculia and maths difficulties tutor running her own business and is also fluent in BSL- British Sign Language.

Marijke says,

‘I started working in the English Education System after returning to the UK from a 4 year stay in Malaysia with my British husband. Since 2006, I have trained and worked as a maths teacher in several Secondary Schools in the South Yorkshire area, during which I also studied for an MA in maths education. I have been a Head of Mathematics, a Specialist Leader in Education (SLE), have been accredited by the NCETM to deliver Maths Professional Development and have supported and worked alongside primary teachers. I have taught at a School for the Deaf and still teach maths to d/Deaf children and young people in British Sign Language.

Working with learners of all ages, I was surprised some of them were still counting on in ones by the time they got to secondary school but attributed that to the quality of the schooling; I was convinced they would be able to do maths with me. However, some of my learners were not able to access maths without going back to basics: we were looking at what numbers mean and how we can manipulate them. Even among maths specialists, there are still a lot of misconceptions and a lack of knowledge about dyscalculia, but training organised by the BDA showed me that dyscalculia is more than ‘being bad at maths’. I was determined to do my bit to help these learners and subsequently completed the first year of the Post Graduate Dyscalculia Maths Diploma at Chester University, making me one of the few teachers to officially qualify as a Dyscalculia Specialist Teacher. I will start the second year of the course in October of 2021, after which I will also be a qualified Dyscalculia Assessor. To generate more awareness regarding dyscalculia I voluntarily deliver workshops for trainee (maths)teachers at Sheffield the University of Sheffield. I am really honoured to be part of the dyscalculia network: here parents and learners can find some answers to their dyscalculia questions but also know that when they come to the dyscalculia network, they will be helped by qualified professionals. I feel very strongly about the accessibility of maths for everyone and that it is my duty to help children and adults on that journey of maths discovery, and that enjoyment in maths builds confidence in maths’

Marijke has recently been featured in her local newspaper – you can find the article here –


Contact Marijke here –



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or 0776 248 7379

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