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‘Tutor Tuesday’ – Karen Go Soco


A profile of one of the Dyscalculia Network tutors and assessors - Karen Go Soco

Tutor Tuesday 

Karen Go Soco

Karen says,

‘I love teaching, I love learning and I love maths… though I know that many don’t share that feeling!

Working as a primary school teacher and then as a TA providing 1-to-1 maths support, I realised how many children are anxious about the subject and how this impacts on their ability. Building a relationship of trust with each learner, starting from a point at which they understood and making maths fun was the key to unlocking their potential.

Wanting to help learners in the best way possible led to me gaining a Level 5 Dyscalculia qualification and accreditation, and more recently Level 2 Understanding Autism, to better support my learners with ASD.

Key to my lessons is a calm but fun approach in which learners don’t worry about making mistakes and feel confident asking questions and making observations. I use a range of manipulatives and, whenever possible, I tap into a learner’s particular interests to make maths more meaningful and relevant.


I love inventing games to practise skills and it’s always a pleasure to witness the enthusiasm and competitiveness with which they are played!

I now tutor full-time, both online and in-person, and have a website on which I share videos explaining maths concepts, information about common mistakes and misconceptions, and my activities and games for practising skills.

I continue learning from every lesson that I teach and when a pupil says that they love numbers, or that maths is their favourite subject, I couldn’t be happier!’

Contact Karen here – www.fixitmaths.com

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