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Times Tables and Division Pre-Skills Checklist


What are the pre-skills needed for beginning work on times tables and division?

Times Tables and Division Pre-Skills Checklist 

Cat Eadle and Steve Chinn

Learning times tables and related division facts can be very difficult for those with Dyscalculia and maths diffilties.

It is vitally important that teaching of times tables and division is begun only when a firm foundation of key maths knowledge and understanding is securely in place.

Without this key knowledge and understanding reasoning and working out times tables and division facts is incredibly hard and often doesn’t stick – meaning many adults don’t feel confident to use times tables and division in day to day life.

Here is our, free to download, checklist of skills, knowledge and understanding needed to begin work on times tables and division –

The Dyscalculia Network – Times Tables and Division Pre- Skills

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