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The Parent Conference 2023 – Louise Langford and Jet Lewin


Dyscalculia Day 2023- Parent Conference

Dyscalculia Day 2023 – Parent Conference – Jet Lewin and Louise Langford 

Book here –http://bit.ly/3HaTqBq

Jet Lewin

I am a specialist teacher/assessor based in Harrow.  I originally trained as a primary school teacher, working as a maths subject lead and I was co-author of a maths scheme.  About 8 years ago, I decided to retrain to specialise working with students with specific learning difficulties, and although this was originally dyslexia focused, I find myself being drawn back to maths.  I just love working with numbers!

My times-tables webinar aims to give you a wealth of ideas to support your children, but also to take away the pressure.  Despite the emphasis put on being able to give answers at the drop of a hat, being good at maths isn’t about speed.  It’s far more important to be accurate…and happy!  And what’s more, you don’t need to be able to recite every times-table up to 12 x 12.  I will be sharing which times tables are the most important to focus on, and the best ways to get that learning into the long-term memory.  I’m looking forward to sharing my ideas with you!

Louise Langford 

Session Title: Making Maths Memorable- a multisensory approach! Practical ideas for using a multisensory approach to make maths easier to access, understand and remember for your child, focussing on numbers.

Louise is an experienced Primary School Teacher and skilled intervention teacher specialising in mathematics. Her training includes Numbers Count Teacher, Numicon Intervention Programme (NIP) practitioner, Approved Teacher of Dyscalculia (BDA) and  qualified Assessor of Mathematical Learning Difficulties and Dyscalculia (APC-PATOSS).

Louise’s teaching involves using a practical multisensory approach to enable children to think mathematically, reason, make connections and build their confidence. She says ‘there is nothing more rewarding than seeing children gain confidence in themselves as mathematicians. It is those ‘light bulb’ moments when they suddenly make connections that make my job worthwhile.’

Book here –http://bit.ly/3HaTqBq

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