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The Parent Conference – Amanda Keen and Carol Handyside


Dyscalculia Day 2023- Parent Conference

Dyscalculia Day 2023 – Parent Conference 

Carol Handyside

To book the Parent Conference Click here – http://bit.ly/3HaTqBq

Carol Handyside is the Director and creator of Spot On with Numbers, a concrete and pictorial resource specifically designed to support learners with Dyscalculia. She is a BDA accredited Dyscalculia teacher and Tutor as well as a skilled Mathematics Teacher, with 18 years experience supporting learners with maths difficulties.

The session will look at tried and tested, successful methods for supporting learners with Dyscalculia and other difficulties with maths. We will explore the importance of representation and how the structure of Spot On works to make maths meaningful, visual and fun.

Amanda Keen  

Amanda Keen has been teaching for 27 years, first in primary settings and then in Learning Support departments across Key Stages 1 to 4, as well as in a specialist school. She developed a real passion for helping students understand maths and qualified as a specialist dyscalculia teacher and assessor in 2018. Since then, she has tutored internationally via remote learning platforms and assesses both students and adults for dyscalculia.

She is passionate about spreading the word about dyscalculia and has spoken at several conferences and led a number of webinars for both teachers and parents.

Having struggled with maths herself at school, Amanda understands the impact that maths anxiety can have on students. Her talk will suggest ways to support your child at home, such as practical equipment that can help your child picture what they are learning about and useful resources, such as multiplication squares, that can help your child work more independently. Amanda is currently a Maths Hub lead for an SEND work group focused on maths anxiety and will also share some of the ideas that the teachers involved in the group have found particularly helpful.

To book the Parent Conference Click here – http://bit.ly/3HaTqBq

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