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Stepping Stones – A counting game!


A fantastic game to support counting for pupils with dyscalculia and maths difficulties

Stepping Stones (for 2 or more players)

Karen Go Soco

Karen created this game to allow counting practise that could focus on the specific difficulties that a pupil may be experiencing (e.g. counting backwards, crossing the tens/hundreds boundaries, step counting in 2s etc). Manipulatives such as counters, base 10 (Dienes) or a Rekkenrek can be used for support as necessary.

You will need –

Stepping stones game sheet

Download here – The Dyscalculia Network – Stepping_stones_game ·

A 4-sided dice or a standard dice with stickers used to convert 5 & 6 to 1 & 2

Decide on how to count (back in 1s, on in 2s etc) and record an appropriate starting number in the left most circle for each player.

Players take turns to roll the dice and fill in that many circles, counting in the manner agreed. The recording sheet can be used vertically to make it easier to see patterns in the number sequence. The first person to fill in the final circle wins.

For another variation of this game and more fantastic games ideas visit Karen’s amazing website


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