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Specialist maths tutor at person’s home

Louise Langford

As an approved Level 7 Dyscalculia Assessor with a current practicing certificate (APC-PATOSS), I carry out full diagnostic assessment reports written to SASC standards, that include recommendations for school, specialist teaching and home. I can also provide a Dyscalculia screener with a summary report that incorporates a profile of the pupil’s maths skills and key […]

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Jude O'Connor

Jude O’Connor

I have an assessment practising certificate (APC) and I conduct full diagnostic assessments for Dyscalculia I aim for my lessons to be challenging yet enjoyable, using a variety of hands-on equipment, games and resources that develop greater understanding of the concepts that underpin maths and help to alleviate the anxiety that often comes hand-in-hand with

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Jane Hoyer

Jane Hoyer

Since I was eight years old I wanted to be a teacher for those who struggle with maths. Therefore, qualifying with a Post Graduate Certificate in Dyscalculia fulfilled my dreams. As a dyslexic I have great empathy for students who face learning challenges and have learning anxiety. I have a PGCE (Maths) and have taught

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Marlo Kinnear

Marlo Kinnear

I grew up in Canada where I obtained a Bachelor in Education from the University of Winnipeg and started teaching at a number of local schools. I moved to the UK in 2001 and began teaching at a number of primary schools, including a special SEMH primary school which led me to pursue a Masters in Education with

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