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Pop the 2s!


A fantastic game to work on 2 times tables as arrays

Pop the 2s!

Christmas Edition!

By Karen Go Soco

Karen loves Christmas  and she loves chocolate and she loves thinking up maths games, so being able to combine all 3 makes her super happy!

Here’s a Christmassy, chocolatey, twist on her game Pop the 2s!

It gives practice of making arrays for the 2x table (using some of those lovely Christmas chocolate treats!), helping to build understanding and fluency whilst having fun! It can be played using a dice to generate the number to multiply by 2, or using fact cards.

A Numicon 10s or an empty 100 square can be used if you don’t have a pop it.

Instructions and a multiplying by 2 fact cards pack (including doubling and repeated addition facts) can be found at:


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