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Lampogo Blocks is a tactile game of number puzzles for new mathematicians (ages 4+). It supports children to access numbers 1 to 10 through play and discovery.

Lampogo Blocks is a tactile game of number puzzles for new mathematicians (ages 4+). It supports children to access numbers 1 to 10 through play and discovery. Lampogo Blocks has been developed by primary school teacher Roy Clutterbuck to make maths engaging and to show that everyone can learn to love the language of numbers. It is the perfect resource for adults to support children’s learning and provides opportunities for questioning and mathematical discussion.

Lampogo Blocks supports learners to:

  • Master addition and subtraction with numbers 1 to 10
  • Enjoy problem-solving
  • Build maths confidence
  • Improve number bond recall

Learning Through Hands-On Discovery

Many people have negative feelings about maths, this can affect children also. People sometimes see maths as abstract and intimidating, and can worry about getting it wrong. Lampogo Blocks has been designed to remove these barriers; to make maths more accessible, as something playful and enjoyable.

In Lampogo Blocks, understanding of number is grounded in the physical experience of the Blocks and is not merely abstract. Players can explore a puzzle by trying a Block to see if it is correct, if not, they can take it back and try another. This removes the negative feeling of ‘getting it wrong’ and shows that ‘mistakes’ are steps towards finding the solution. Players can intuitively see for themselves once they have got the answer correct. All of these factors help to build the number confidence and fluency that are the foundation to a good mathematical understanding.

Lightning Maths

Lampogo Blocks is produced by Lightning Maths, a social enterprise set up by teacher Roy Clutterbuck to make maths more accessible and enjoyable.


Lampogo Blocks is environmentally friendly, the game is completely plastic free and made with sustainable FSC certified paper and cardboard.

Here is what some of our customers say- 

“Lampogo Blocks is a wonderful tool, it demonstrates key number concepts with such simplicity and clarity. The format of the game is simple to understand and the game is enjoyable to play. The tasks progress in challenge really well, simplifying key ideas in additive reasoning. It will be a fantastic resource for teachers and parents.”

Gareth Metcalfe, I See Maths

“I love Lampogo Blocks’ quality and presentation, and that it is very satisfying and appealing to interact with. My son was instantly drawn to it and started arranging all the blocks to make different combinations and sums. I loved seeing that my son wanted to engage with it without any instructions or input from me. ”

Amanda Childs, Sparking STEM

“The game offers numerical challenges to work on additive thinking and decomposition. Includes rules from 1 to 10 and cards with challenges. Looking forward to working on it in the classroom.”

Carles Granell, Primary Teacher, Professor de Didàctica de la Matemàtica

“I love using manipulatives for maths and so do my pupils. We all enjoyed using the Lampogo blocks to solve the puzzle cards but loved it even more when we turned it into a highest card wins comparison game! I especially like the opportunities Lampogo Blocks and puzzles give for ‘maths talk’ and reasoning about number. I have added Lampogo to my toolkit of maths resources and games.”

Cat Eadle, Dyscalculia Network

“I’m normally bad at maths but now I can take this into school and show my friends how to play and then I will be the one who’s a champion at maths.” Sammy, aged 6

You can buy Lampogo blocks here –

Lampogo Blocks

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