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Shooting for the Stars: Jo’s Experiences with Dyscalculia, Bookkeeping and Archery

Inspired by seeing a newspaper feature on ‘Neuro-Variety’, Jo Condon shares her experiences of growing up, masking and then coming to terms with her struggles with maths. She tells us how software and applications have helped her qualify as a Bookkeeper and in her hobby of archery.

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The Dyscalculia Show 2024- Karen Go Soco

Dyscalculia Show 2024

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Dyscalculia and Neurodiversity: Reflections on the Dyscalculia and Dyslexia Shows

In this post, Peter Cherry reflects on what he felt at the UK’s first Dyscalculia Show, what it means for the Dyslexia Show to make space for those with dyscalculia, and the empowering, yet sometimes simultaneously disempowering, nature of ‘neurodiversity’ discussions for lesser-known learning differences.

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Dyscalculia Day Parent/Carer Conference 2024

Wow! What an incredible Dyscalculia Day Parent Conference! Sarah Jones reports on the day.

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Lampogo Blocks

Lampogo Blocks is a tactile game of number puzzles for new mathematicians (ages 4+). It supports children to access numbers 1 to 10 through play and discovery.

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Lisa – My Journey to GCSE Maths

Lisa shares her journey to success passing GCSE maths

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