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Feed the Crocodile Game


A fantastic game to work on subitising!

Feed the Crocodile

Caroline Read 

Mr Crocodile loves to eat Numicon or Cuisenaire rods!

Turn over a domino and find a matching Numicon tile/ rod.

The activity can be adapted to practise bonds to 10 – if a domino with 4 spots is chosen feed Mr Crocodile a Numicon 6/ rod 6.

To practise all number bonds have a large selection of Numicon/rods out and choose 2 tiles to match the total on the domino.

Score 1 point if you choose the parts represented on the domino e.g. 2 and 2 for 4 or score 2 points if you can find 2 different tiles to make 4 such as 1 and 3.

Have fun!

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