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At the Dyscalculia Network, we are committed to making a meaningful difference in the lives of people affected by dyscalculia and those who support them. Dyscalculia is a specific learning difficulty that affects someone’s ability to understand and work with numbers. 

Our mission is to provide support, resources, and advocate for those navigating the challenges of dyscalculia.

Your donation, no matter the size, has a profound impact on the lives of those affected by dyscalculia. Together, we can empower individuals to overcome challenges, unlock their potential, and thrive in school, work, and everyday life.

The Dyscalculia Network is the UK’s only organisation dedicated to advocating for and supporting those with dyscalculia. As many can tell you, maths is everywhere and people with dyscalculia can face obstacles in their careers and every-day lives. So, we need your help to make a difference. 

Please consider making a contribution to the Dyscalculia Network today. Your support is invaluable in our efforts to create a world where individuals with dyscalculia are understood, supported, and empowered to reach their full potential.

Dyscalculia Network Support

As a non-profit organisation, we rely on the generosity of supporters like you to continue our vital work. Here are some of the ways your donations could help:

Education and Awareness:

We strive to increase understanding and awareness of dyscalculia among educators, parents, and the wider community. Your support helps us develop and distribute educational materials via our website, social media platforms. It also helps us to collaborate with other organisations to advocate for dyscalculics.

Support Services:

We offer a range of support services via our email, website, and social media platforms, including regular free Q&A sessions. Whether for an adult with dyscalculia, a parent or carer, an educator, or an employer, your donation helps us to offer support when people need it most.

Research and Development:

Through partnerships with researchers and experts in the field, we support studies and initiatives aimed at advancing our understanding of dyscalculia and developing effective interventions. Your contributions drive progress in identifying best practices for diagnosis, treatment, and support for children and adults with dyscalculia. We are currently working with Loughborough University and UCL.

Community Building:

We foster a supportive and inclusive community for adults with dyscalculia, parents and carers, educators, employers and interested individuals. We provide vital opportunities for connection, shared experiences, and mutual support. Your support could help us establish community spaces whether online or in-person, such as meet-ups, events, conferences, or protected online venues where people with dyscalculia can connect with one another.

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