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Division with Remainders- Dividing by 10 Dice Game


We love a game that can be supported by the use of Dienes blocks!

Division with Remainders Game  – 10 times tables

Cat Eadle

This game is for 2 players

The aim of the game is to get the lowest remainder!

Each player takes turns to throw the tens and ones dice to create a 2-digit number e.g., 40+3 = 43 (or pick a 0-100 card).

The player works out how many tens fit in their number e.g., 43÷10 = 4 remainder 3 (you can encourage the use of Dienes blocks to work this out)

They then record their sum and answer (with remainder if they get one!)

The player with the lowest remainder wins the round and gets to circle their winning score! If the players both get the same remainder, they both get to circle their answer.

Full Instructions here – 

The Dyscalculia Network – Division with Remainders Dice Game (10 Times Tables) Instructions

Game Board  –

The Dyscalculia Network – Division with Remainders Dice Game (10 Times Tables)

Have fun! 

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