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Connect Four – Addition and Subtraction


Games are great fun!

Connect Four: Addition & Subtraction 

Rob Jennings

To play, each player will need:

Two dice- 1-9

A coloured pencil/ pen or counters with different colours

Download here – 

The Dyscalculia Network- Connect Four Addition game board

Each player takes turns to roll the two dice.

Add up the two numbers shown on the dice.

Cover that number on the game board.

The winner is the first person to get four-in-a-row (horizontally, vertically or diagonally).

The Dyscalculia Network- Connect Four Subtraction game board

Each player takes turns to roll the two dice.

Subtract the smaller number shown on the dice from the larger one.

Cover the answer/number on the game board.

You can play as a big group or just two players!

* Remember to encourage the use of Key Facts when working out the answer to each question as well as discussing what these different terms mean!

Have fun! 

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