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A blog from Judy Hornigold about AMBDA - Dyscalculia Portfolio Route

AMBDA Maths Portfolio 

by Judy Hornigold

Level 7 Dyslexia assessors can submit a maths portfolio to the BDA . They have until June 2023 to do this if they want APL for AMBDA Maths. After June 2023 they would need to do a Level 7 top up course in order to gain AMBDA Maths.

You must demonstrate the following for the Portfolio:

You have acquired the required skills and knowledge through extensive CPD training, mentoring, personal research and experience and can demonstrate competence in applying that knowledge to diagnostic assessments of mathematics or mathematical cognition. 

This can be submitted as an extended C.V or portfolio and supporting evidence. Evidence together with a DAR (new report format) to be submitted to the BDA Dyscalculia panel responsible for awarding AMBDA at cost of £350.  

Details of CPD training related to maths teaching, assessment and cognition including personal research and mentoring.  (minimum 20 hours)

Record of specialist maths teaching in the past 2 years.

Record of maths teaching overall

Record of diagnostic assessments for learners with dyscalculia in the past 2 years.  Please only use date of assessment and age of learner with brief overview of assessment outcome

Other relevant information about involvement in training, research, writing books and papers etc.  pertaining to maths cognition and learning.

Please note that the APEL route is only available until June 2023 and thereafter candidates wishing to gain AMBDA/ Dyscalculia and maths difficulties will have to qualify through BDA Accredited training courses at level 5/7 for ATS and level 7 for AMBDA.

For more details please contact  [email protected]

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