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Stephanie Madden

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Stephanie Madden

Services: Dyscalculia Assessment at the assessor’s address or an agreed locationSpecialist maths tutor at tutor’s address or an agreed location

Ages: AdultPrimarySecondary


I am a specialist numeracy practitioner with 15 years of experience working with students with maths difficulties, maths anxiety, and dyscalculia. I support students from my private practice in Stratford upon Avon, offering tutoring and assessments and offering support for students in schools. I have a PGCE and PG Diploma in maths difficulties and dyscalculia and am one of a handful of specialist tutors in the UK who can diagnose dyscalculia.


Client Reference
I can’t thank Steph enough for the positive impact she has had on my son. His understanding and abilities have developed incredibly, beyond what I though possible starting from absolute zero confidence. The positive impact has spread far beyond just maths or indeed the classroom – his general confidence and self-esteem has grown so much due to realising that he CAN do things that he finds difficult and he can even become really very good at them!
Client Reference
Steph is amazing! I contacted Steph because my 14 yr old child has always struggled with Maths and has been continuously let down by school support. Steph was completely understanding and understood the issues and was very clear that she would be able to work with my child. We had an initial assessment. I was worried that my child wouldn’t engage, but Steph was so accommodating and we met first before the assessment and my anxious daughter was completely at ease. Not only did Steph give great support and encouragement to my child but also to me as a parent and very open and transparent. The assessment was very clear and demonstrated the areas of support required and a plan was put together based around my Childs needs. Steph has also contacted the school to ensure collaboration. Steph was very honest and explained very carefully to my child exactly what would happen and assured my child that she can do maths and she was going to help her get there!
Client Reference
Steph is an awesome maths tutor for our 8 year old. Having moved to the UK from the USA my daughter was over a year behind. Maths used to make my daughter feel sick and she’d cry and have knots in her tummy… now she loves maths and has managed to catch up on two years of maths in 6 months and is excelling at school. Steph doesn’t just go over my daughters homework she really teaches her – she teaches her techniques and skills that work for her and what’s more she makes it enjoyable! These techniques have really given her confidence to take on maths challenges in a way I know she would never have been able to do without Steph’s help. I have a happy girl and I am grateful to have found such a wonderful caring tutor who really looks after the individual students needs.
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