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Rachel Elder-Smith


I began my career as a primary school teacher and was class-based until my own children arrived. Following this I began covering classes in the school I was based in. This let me observe firsthand that there were some children that just ‘didn’t get it’ or found learning more challenging. I then embarked on my dyslexia qualification and became a specialist in her school.

Since 2015 I have worked for the North Tyneside Dyslexia Team assessing pupils with dyslexia and dyscalculia tendencies in all mainstream schools across North Tyneside. This role has allowed me to see a range of needs in the dyslexia continuum and provide help and support for schools, children and families. I have provided training to schools in North Tyneside in dyslexia and dyscalculia and have written many resources and training programmes that help support pupils. In 2023 I achieved my Dyscalculia qualification allowing me to assess and teach pupils with dyscalculia. This is an area that particularly interests me. I Have become the dyscalculia specialist in North Tyneside and advise all things dyscalculia including creating resources, delivering training and making videos to help staff in school deliver a dyscalculic intervention programme.
When I’m not working I am at home caring for her many pets including miniature sheep, dogs, rabbits, chickens, fish and axolotls. One day I hope to sneak in a miniature highland cow… not sure how much ‘sneaking’ is possible with a highland cow!


Disclaimer: The Dyscalculia Network takes the utmost care to check that the assessors and tutors who are listed on the website hold the actual qualifications that are included on their individual profile page. The copies of certificates and references are kept on record by The Dyscalculia Network but will not be displayed on their profile page.
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