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Lauren Juter

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Lauren Juter

Services: Specialist maths tuition onlineSpecialist maths tutor at tutor’s address or an agreed location

Ages: Primary


I am a qualified Primary School Teacher with a BA in Primary Education (South Africa) and QTS (UK). Over the past 16 years, I have taught in Nursery all the way up to Year 6, and have a passion for Maths and particularly, with those who struggle with it. Furthermore, I have recently completed the Specialist Teacher’s Training on Dyscalculia and Maths Learning Difficulties run by the Dyscalculia Association.

My approach is calm and fun so that my students do not have to worry about making mistakes and feel confident to ask questions and make observations. Encouraging a pupil to not have a fear of maths is vital in ensuring maths anxiety does not take over their ability. I always convey the message that everyone makes mistakes (even Mrs Juter), as this sentiment will enable my students to go on and achieve their full potential.

Having a solid mathematical foundation is so vital, as we use maths each and every day, often without even knowing. I strongly believe the key to unlocking my student’s mathematical potential is firstly building a relationship of trust with myself – their teacher – and then starting from a point at which they understand individually and building on from there in an engaging and fun way.

I passionately advocate that early intervention is key. Addressing a student’s difficulties and misconceptions as early as possible is crucial to enable future progress to be built upon a solid foundation. I utilise a range of manipulatives, so maths is as concrete as possible, rather than an abstract concept. In addition, I choose multisensory approaches to maximise their understanding and ensure lessons are as meaningful and impactful as possible.


Disclaimer: The Dyscalculia Network takes the utmost care to check that the assessors and tutors who are listed on the website hold the actual qualifications that are included on their individual profile page. The copies of certificates and references are kept on record by The Dyscalculia Network but will not be displayed on their profile page.
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