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Katherine Papageorgiou

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Katherine Papageorgiou

Services: Dyscalculia Assessment at the assessor’s address or an agreed locationSpecialist maths tuition onlineSpecialist maths tutor at tutor’s address or an agreed location

Ages: AdultPrimarySecondary


I am an experienced teacher, I qualified in in 1992 and have been teaching and tutoring ever since.

I trained as a secondary school science and maths teacher.

However, I have dyslexia, which meant that I always wanted to help the students who struggled.

Through my tutoring, I quickly started working with younger students and those who were struggling greatly.  I set up a club in the school for the those who were struggling to come and play learning games, learn to type and to have a moan about the teaching approach.  Obviously this gave me a great insight into what actually worked for the students and what made things easier or more difficult in the classroom.  By applying what I learned from them directly into my practice, I found my own teaching became more effective.


Disclaimer: The Dyscalculia Network takes the utmost care to check that the assessors and tutors who are listed on the website hold the actual qualifications that are included on their individual profile page. The copies of certificates and references are kept on record by The Dyscalculia Network but will not be displayed on their profile page.
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