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Karen Go-Soco

Services: Specialist maths tuition onlineSpecialist maths tutor at tutor’s address or an agreed location

Ages: Primary


Over the years I have worked as a primary school teacher, lead maths teacher, supply teacher, teaching assistant, deputy head, childminder and mother of three children! During this time, I developed a passion for teaching maths and for encouraging a positive, confident attitude towards the subject. My desire to help children to understand and enjoy maths as much as possible led to me gaining Level 5 Dyscalculia qualification with the British Dyslexia Association, and I now work solely providing maths tuition for primary school up to Year 7.

My tutoring is always tailored to the specific needs of each individual pupil and my aim is to increase enjoyment and confidence as well as ability! Before the first session, we will discuss any particular concerns, needs and expectations. The first session will then focus on assessing the pupil’s ability, to identify specific difficulties, gaps in knowledge, misconceptions and level of understanding. This will allow me to plan an appropriate program of multi-sensory learning, based on a Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract approach, incorporating a range of activities and games. Lessons can be face to face, or online via Zoom.


Client Reference
Karen is a very skilled tutor, she has helped raise my daughters confidence and maths abilities enormously. My daughter loves working with her and she breaks the maths work down into manageable sections and ensures it is understood before moving on. She is very patient and it’s very clear that she has a lot of experience. My daughter has struggled with her maths understanding and therefore was avoiding it. She potentially has dyscaculus so finding the right tutor was very important. We are so lucky to have found Karen and it has been evident in Lucy’s maths development. Lynn (parent) July 2024
Client Reference
Karen’s gentle, calm and patient approach has broken down so many of the barriers our daughter had towards maths. Our daughter was fearful of all maths and had no confidence at all but Karen’s engaging approach of using games, allowing her all the processing time she needs and providing reassurance that it is okay to make mistakes, has completely transformed her. She is now a child who smiles during and after lessons and is rightfully so proud and has a belief in herself that she can do maths! C.K. March 2024
Client Reference
Karen was recommended to us by a friend when we were looking for a tutor to help our daughter with maths as she has always struggled with confidence which impacted her learning. Karen is just so good at instilling confidence in maths as she really took the time to get to know our daughter, has such a calm and reassuring manner, and explains things very well as they go along. Lots of the teaching and practice is done through games which we can do more of at home which has really helped take the anxiety out of ‘doing’ maths. The progress made in the time we’ve been seeing Karen has been amazing. L.D. March 2022
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