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Hania Felt

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Hania Felt

Services: Specialist maths tuition onlineSpecialist maths tutor at tutor’s address or an agreed location

Ages: Primary


As a mother of four Neurodivergent children aged 13 to 20 and a former KS2 teacher, I have always been passionate about identifying and removing barriers to learning and encouraging personal development. Joining Cameron House School in 2000 as the Class 5 teacher, I then transitioned to the SEN department and for the past 18 years have specialised in Dyscalculia, Dyslexia and ADHD.

My Dyscalculia training began in 2009 with Jane Emerson and Ronit Bird and involved multi-sensory methods using Cuisenaire Rods following Dorian Yeo’s concepts. This course has since formed the foundation of my all my teaching. I’ve also embraced Sarah Wedderburn’s Unicorn Maths methods and the Dynamo Maths Programme. I use a range of materials to screen children for dyscalculia, including GL Dyscalculia Screener, Jane Emerson’s ‘The Dyscalculia Assessment’, Dynamo Maths Profiler and DANS, the Diagnostic Assessment of Numeracy Skills created by Sarah Wedderburn of Unicorn Maths.

I am an active member of The Dyscalculia Network and regularly contribute to dyscalculia awareness where I am eager to contribute my skills and expertise.

From firsthand experience, I have witnessed children’s capabilities and confidence in maths transform through simply employing different methods to the conventional ones often used. I take time to fully assess each child to develop a detailed and accurate map of concepts that are secure and those that need to be further developed. I write bespoke Individual Maths Plans to target areas of difficulty and work closely with parents to ensure maximum progress and continuity.

My tuition includes:

In-person weekly lessons in Wimbledon or by remote online sessions.
Diagnostic screenings and personalised reports for Dyscalculia.
Development of bespoke learning programmes aimed at addressing specific challenges and knowledge gaps, establishing secure foundational knowledge, and alleviating Maths Anxiety.
A multi-sensory, game-based, and practical approach to learning.
Working closely with parents to ensure consistent progress and effective learning strategies for each child.

Feel free to message me for a free, friendly chat about how I can support your child’s learning journey.


Disclaimer: The Dyscalculia Network takes the utmost care to check that the assessors and tutors who are listed on the website hold the actual qualifications that are included on their individual profile page. The copies of certificates and references are kept on record by The Dyscalculia Network but will not be displayed on their profile page.
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