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Sophie Ellis Bextor

Sophie Ellis Bextor

Sophie Ellis-Bextor is the singer and songwriter behind such hits as ‘Groovejet (If This Ain’t Love)’ and ‘Murder on the Dancefloor’. She also lifted the spirits of millions during the Pandemic lockdowns with her interactive Kitchen Discos.

We are therefore thrilled to have her as our first Dyscalculia Network Ambassador. Sophie understands the importance of supporting children with dyscalculia first-hand as she is the mum of two children with dyscalculia. Sophie works with us as she struggled to find information on dyscalculia to help her own children and believes passionately that more can be done to raise awareness of dyscalculia and maths difficulties.

My relationship with dyscalculia is as a parent. Two of my boys were diagnosed when they were around 7 or 8 by an Educational Psychologist. It was that age when the coping mechanisms they had been using up to that point clearly just weren’t working anymore. I was in the fortunate position of being able to get tutors for my children as I quickly realised that school didn’t have the resources to help, and I couldn’t either as I didn’t know how. So, specialist tutors changed everything because they took the stress out of the situation meaning we were calmer as a family! They also made sure that my boys felt better and more confident with maths which helped them make progress and to feel a lot less alone.

From my experiences, I have learnt how important early diagnosis, specialist help and support for us all can be. But I also know that I am in a fortunate position. Supporting the work of the Dyscalculia Network is very important to me as not only do they provide advice and help but also that much needed community.’

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