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Peter Cherrt

Peter Cherry

Peter Cherry is a passionate volunteer for the Dyscalculia Network, where he serves as Chair of the Adults with Dyscalculia Advisory Board. 

His drive to raise awareness and advocate for dyscalculia has led him to write about his experiences in letters to the Guardian, in an article for Frame Magazine, and to be interviewed for pieces on dyscalculia in BBC News, BBC Sussex and the i Paper. He has ambitions to write a book on dyscalculia. Peter works as Assistant Director at the British Institute at Ankara and holds a PhD in Comparative Literature from University of Edinburgh.

Emily G

Emily Gee

Emily Gee is part of The Dyscalculia Network Advisory Board since 2022, as well she is a board member for the British Dyslexia Association: 

Dyscalculia Advisory Board: she is the only dyscalculic and youngest board member. Emily began her journey spreading awareness about her dyslexia, dyscalculia, and dyspraxia journey back in 2018. She has shared her story on BBC Radio 5 Live, YouTube, Podcasts, Facebook, Twitter, the i Paper Newspaper and Webinars. Emily studied Musical Theatre at the University of Winchester; she graduated in 2020. Emily’s goal is to change the education system to be more understanding and inclusive to dyslexia, dyspraxia, and dyscalculia.


Sylvie Nachilyango

Hey there! I’m Sylvie, I am a Career Coach, but my professional background is in commercial and residential property development/construction. As a Career Coach, I’m passionate about helping jobseekers turn their interviews into job offers, because I recognise that many of us never had any formal education on successful job hunting. At 19, I was diagnosed with Dyscalculia.

It was a tough road to acceptance of my diagnosis, but I have since triumphed over various personal and professional challenges despite being Dyscalculic. Life became less frustrating once I accepted that I am simply ‘wired’ this way, which is why I proudly serve on the Adult Advisory Board of the Dyscalculia Network.  Outside of running my career coaching business (Career-Minded Circles) and my day job in property, I love to travel or unwinding on the sofa with a book or binge-watching my all-time favourite TV show, Gilmore Girls.

Joe Deary

Joe Deary

After being diagnosed with dyscalculia in 2023, Joe looked back on his self-taught strategies that have helped him navigate school and work since 1990. These techniques reflect his adaptability and determination. In his voluntary role on the Dyscalculia Network’s Advisory Board, Joe is a strong advocate for adults who identify their dyscalculia later in life. 

He stresses the need for workplace support and collaborates with the Network to create tools and advice that assist dyscalculic adults in their careers. Joe is driven to ensure that workplaces not only recognise but also value neurodiversity. Professionally successful in data management, Joe is challenging the conventional belief that dyscalculia is only a hindrance. 

He demonstrates how dyscalculia can be an asset, as many living with the debilitating impact if dyscalculia develop compensatory skills like heightened spatial awareness and pattern recognition. These skills are vital in data management for interpreting and visualizing data. Joe’s approach to problem-solving, focusing on qualitative insights and broader patterns, brings unique and creative solutions to the field and should indicate life beyond diagnosis.


Jane McFadyen

Jane McFadyen is a Senior content designer working on UK government services designed to help millions of people. Jane has co-created a cross government collaboration to raise awareness of dyscalculia and provide design guidance with an accessibility poster. 

That work was launched on the GOV.UK Design in Government blog series, with the most read post in 2022. Since publication, the poster has been translated into German, informed updates to the NHS Service Manual, discussed on UX Podcasts and shared worldwide. With a single-minded focus on providing user-centric design to all her work, Jane is a passionate advocate for accessibility and inclusion.


Laura Parker

Laura Parker is a content designer with dyscalculia and dyslexia. She campaigns for accessible numbers (accessiblenumbers.com) and works with organisations to improve services for people who need help with numbers. Her work has positively impacted central government and the NHS.



Ynés is eighteen years old and is from England, Spain and Switzerland. Currently she lives in Cairo, Egypt but has lived in China and Abu Dhabi over the past few years.

Ynés was diagnosed with Dyscalculia right before she left the UK to move to Abu Dhabi when she was nine.  She is passionate about raising awareness of Dyscalculia and is the youngest member of the Dyscalculia Network Adult Advisory Board whom she also represents on the National Neurodiversity Youth Council.

Mia Profile Photo


Mia is a theatre maker, musician, actor and facilitator from Weston-super-Mare.

She was diagnosed with dyscalculia at the age of 10 years old. It wasn’t until leaving education when she finally started to talk more openly about dyscalculia. This inspired her to make her one-woman musical comedy show called ‘I Don’t Have A Maths GCSE’ to talk about her own experience with dyscalculia whilst helping to raise awareness for others. Currently, she is arranging to tour the show across the UK.

Amelia Shipton

Amelia Shipton

Hello! I’m Amelia, an actor and facilitator. I lead with a creative and people-centered approach. I am dyscalculic, dyslexic and dyspraxic. I proudly represent the Dyscalculia Network on the National Neurodiversity Youth Council. I’m passionate about empowering young people to navigate and embrace their own journey and encourage and support individuals to believe that anything is possible.
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