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A Success Story- Pursuing a Dream!


Pursuing a Dream - A Success Story with Dyscalculia Network

A Dyscalculia Network Success Story – Pursuing a Dream

‘In school, I couldn’t get my head around math. I always struggled. I always felt I was stupid because I couldn’t understand the simplest sum.

Throughout my whole life, I have always avoided math. Until one day, I couldn’t run any more as I had started a level 3 Educator Early Years course to become a teacher for young children and I needed maths.

Exam stress

I knew it was going to be a struggle to pass my Functional Skills Maths Level 2. I failed so many times when I had to do it remotely, I knew it might help if I did the paper exam. I paid two different tutors which didn’t work. I even tried doing it through a different exam board as well as through City and Guilds. However, I still didn’t pass (September 2021- July 2022). I was advised by my assessors that unfortunately I was running out of time and that I needed another solution.

One morning, I decided to have a look on Google’s search page to find adults that struggle doing math. I remember reading about an adult who said they always knew they couldn’t understand maths. It was later that I was diagnosed as having this same learning difficulty – dyscalculia. I didn’t realise there was actually a name for it. As I carried on looking on google, I typed in dyscalculia quiz and the result was that I had dyscalculia. I cried as I realised that I wasn’t stupid, but I truly had a reason for my difficulties. I was so happy to know why I struggled so much. I contacted the GP and explained my situation and she said that she will refer me. I went back and told my assessor, she checked with City and Guilds to see if they can give me extra time for my exam and they could.

Contacting a tutor

I knew I had to find a dyscalculia tutor so I went on Google and I applied to quite a few until I found the one that fitted me and my needs. I contacted www.dyscalculianetwork.com and received an email from Cat Eadle who was ever so kind. Cat put me in touch with a tutor called Marijke Walters and forwarded me her email address. I emailed Marijke about my situation and she responded straight away. She said she was busy with many clients however she knew I needed her help so agreed to help me. We arranged a time to talk and then she booked me in for my first lesson.

My first lesson was October 2022 and I knew Marijke was going to be a good tutor. She is patient, knowledgeable, understanding and extremely supportive. In my first lesson, I had a light bulb moment – that was the first time I understood prime numbers. It was the way she explained and breaks down hard question step by step that really helped me. I had tears in my eyes, for the very first time in my life I finally understood maths. As Marijke continued tutoring me, my confidence and understanding grew. We both agreed the paper exam was the best way to go.


On the 14th December 2022, I did my exam and, on the 3rd January 2023, I was told by my assessor that I had passed my Functional Skill Level 2 Maths Exam!

As an adult I never thought the day would come that I would ever understand maths, let alone pass my maths exam. I’m truly grateful to Marijke Walters for tutoring me and for the Dyscalculia Network for everything they have done.’

Marijke can be contacted at –[email protected]

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