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Bruern Abbey School is expanding their unique offering to boys, aged 13 to 16, which will cover the national curriculum, including GCSEs and other nationally recognised qualifications. Alongside this timetable there will be a full and varied sports programme with co-curricular offerings to enhance the school experience. Bruern Abbey School is well renowned for focussing their attention on boys with learning difficulties such as dyslexia, dyspraxia and dyscalculia. The outstanding pastoral care is embedded into the school DNA. At the heart of what Bruern Abbey School stands for is the mission to offer bespoke and expert teaching coupled with a broad appreciation of the values of an all-round education. Bruern Abbey School firmly believes that this enhances the boys’ self-esteem thereby creating an atmosphere conducive to success.

Bruern Abbey Senior School will be located in the rolling hills of Chilton, Buckinghamshire and academically will prepare its students for success in their 16+ exams and subsequently for life beyond. Bruern Senior will be offering the following differences from traditional senior schooling: small classes to allow an enhanced focus on literacy and numeracy; a bespoke timetable which will include the use of IT and will ultimately avoid the large pitfalls of independent study in the evening. The weekly structure is built around a 9am arrival on Monday morning and 5pm on Friday afternoon. Boys can decide to be a day pupil or boarder. There will be a dedicated bus service to and from London, replicating Bruern Abbey Prep School.

For all information please contact our Registrar, Deborah Swift, on 01869 934 132 or [email protected]

P: 01869 934 132

W: www.bruernabbey.org


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